Live Music Thursday Nights at The George on Collins

The George in Collins’ commitment to delivering a truly captivating evening revolves around our enchanting live music experience, making us one of the premier live music restaurant in Melbourne. As you step into our elegant establishment, you'll be greeted by the rhythmic sounds of our live band every Thursday night. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Live Music Thursday Nights at The George on Collins

What can I expect on Live Music Thursdays at The George on Collins?

On Live Music Thursdays, you can expect an exhilarating live band performance paired with a diverse menu and a wide selection of drinks. It's the perfect blend of music and dining.

Can I make reservations for Live Music Thursdays?

Absolutely! We recommend making reservations to secure your table for Live Music Thursdays. You can easily book your table online through our booking widget.

Is The George on Collins suitable for corporate events with live music?

Yes, The George on Collins is an excellent choice for corporate events. Our corporate event options offer a sophisticated setting with the added charm of live music.

What other dining options does The George on Collins offer?

Apart from Live Music Thursdays, we also offer pre-theatre dining, casual drinks, and a delightful bottomless brunch experience.

Are there bars with live music in Melbourne CBD other than The George on Collins?

While there are bars in Melbourne with live music, The George on Collins stands out for its exceptional live music on Thursday nights, making it a top choice for music enthusiasts.