What We Love: September

We love you too, Broadsheet.


Thank you for mentioning us in what you love.

From the article:

After 12 years in the iconic George building, The Long Room was due for a rebrand. The George on Collins is the result – a refined all-day venue showcasing one-off pieces of boutique furniture that emphasise the legacy of the heritage space without sacrificing its modernity. How that was achieved can be traced to its makers. Hamish Guthrie is the co-founder of Hecker Guthrie, the interior design firm responsible for the refurbishment and fit-out. “We wanted to celebrate it,” says Guthrie. “There was a lot of hiding of what it was. Our first gesture was to pare it back and expose all this beautiful heritage.” For the venue’s opening, hosted by local fashion designer Christian Kimber, Spanish chef Joaquin Hernandez Maluquer used the flavour profile of Stella Artois to create a bespoke menu, including baby barramundi, semolina and wasabi mayo, and Stella Artois beer-battered calamari with Asian slaw and fresh chilli – fresh takes for a new era.


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