We were delighted to open our doors earlier this month with a warm reception from Broadsheet.

Cameron McDermott spoke to our very own Greg Kahan and our interior architect Hamish Guthrie, shedding some insight into the design process and the decision to reveal more of our building’s heritage. McDermott writes: “The firm’s co-founder Hamish Guthrie worked on one version of the space back in the ’90s, when the building was a brasserie, so he understands the balancing act required while working on the Georges building. “We wanted to celebrate it. The last time it had been laid over there was a lot of hiding of what it was,” says Guthrie. “Our first gesture was to pare it back and expose all this beautiful heritage and texture of the existing building.”

The new George occupies the basement, which meant it needed a different colour and lighting approach than aboveground projects. “How do you make it feel comfortable to come down here in the middle of the day?” says Guthrie. “We deliberately haven’t gone too dark down here.”

The walls and ceilings have been painted a crisp, bright white, punctuated by textured curtains that draw attention towards the softly lit booths. The main dining area is divided by an imposing granite bar, where diners can perch with a drink or dinner.

“We wanted this bar in the middle where people can see people,” says Kahan. “It’s turned out magnificently so that you can see people wherever you are.”

Check out the full article by Cameron McDermott here, and we hope to welcome you to see the space for yourself soon!


Greg Kahan and Hamish Guthrie. Photo by Jessie Thompson for Broadsheet.



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